White T-shirt “American Night”: McDonald’s and flag

T-shirt with a text print and satin patch “McDonald’s”.
“American Night” series.

The T-shirt has a mixed printing technique: an inscription and a black and white McDonald’s signboard anf the USA flag patches created from meta-photos by designer Maksym Holub — mobile screenshots of Google panoramas, fixed with the Scotch tape imitation.

85% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane.

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T-shirt with a text print and satin patches “McDonald’s” and the USA flag.
“American Night” series.

85% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane.

The cut of the T-shirt is originally men’s, loose fit, but it is also suitable for women as an oversize: a description of the fit can be found below.
The limited edition “American Night” has a mixed printing technique, the unique FINCH signature. This is an inscription and a patch with McDonald’s signboard created from meta-photos by designer Maksym Holub — mobile screenshots of Google panoramas, fixed with the Scotch tape imitation. Photos without a camera, travelling without travel: this is a continuation of a photo project by a designer who uses Google Maps instead of a camera and a vehicle, and is designed to explore the possibilities of digital methods to create a new reality.

The title of the series appeals to Francois Truffaut’s movie “American Night”, which tells about the practice “Day for Night”. These are the techniques by which in the era of silent cinema, when the weak sensitivity of the film did not allow to shoot in the dark, filmmakers could imitate night shooting making it during daytime. In his project, Maksym Holub reflects on how visual deception creates new meanings.

The images used in the prints contain images of the real world, but do not reflect the real world, because they are generated by screenshots, framed, and then selected stylistically and in some items mounted in mixed blocks. There is a fixation, deconstruction, and then the creation of a new artistic reality. The method of creating such fake photos and prints based on them can be called digital documentary — pseudo-documentary.

Instructions for determining the fit of clothes for men:
XS fits S as well (body height 160-175 sm)
S fits M and even L (body height 165-180 sm)
M is good for L also (170-185 sm)
L may fit XL (best for 170-190 sm)

The shoulder is lowered, and for women the sleeve is usually lower due to the smaller width of the shoulders, so any size will look more or less equally long and free in the shoulders, we recommend focusing on your height and greater girth (chest or thighs) when choosing a size.

On the photo: Oleg, the model is 190 sm (6’2.8″), the t-shirt is L.

If you’re hesitating with the size please drop us a notice or specify your body measurements in the note field at checkout and we will be happy to help you making a choice.

Please follow the washing conditions, indicated on the label in the side seam to save the color: machine or hand wash up to 30°C; do not soak, do not use drying machine. The material perfectly carries the laundry.
Ironing with medium temperature from the inside, steam ironing.
Oversize hoodie models development and technologies – TM Finch ©.
Produced in Ukraine.

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 2 cm