One-size couture puffer coat with Japanese calligraphy


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PLEASE NOTE: this product is only available for pre-order, it is not in stock.
If you can wait 10 to 14 days, the coat can be produced individually.
If you need the item to be produced using your measurements, please, specify your height and body measurements in the note field at checkout.

Puffer coat with Japanese print.
100% polyester, filled with Hollowsoft.

The calligraphy print in mixed technique created by Takahiko Ishii, the Japanese artist from Osaka, specially for this collaboration. “Virtuality”, “Reality”, “Life” — three indicators of this art collaboration, all of them used in the pattern. The print also features ironic phrases: “Virtuality is full of fun”, “Reality is full of frustration”.

The design of the coat is based on the classic A-line dress with ruffles along the hem and huge bows on the chest, layers of high-tech vegan Hollowsoft insulation increase the shapes, make them massive and exaggerate the ostentatious femininity of the base form to the maximum.

The soft pink underside of the jacket complements this effect and appeals to the Japanese kawaii pop aesthetic. The knitted cuffs protect your arms from wind, the magnetic closure can be easily opened with just one move. Despite its size, the product weighs no more than 3kg.

The puffed coat is made in one size, it does not have a dimensional grid and in its standard version and covers body sizes from XS to XXL, however when ordering we ask you specify your height and top size in order to adapt the length and place the belt assembly in the right place.
Also you may choose the way the puffed bows will be sticked to the coat or choose to remove them at all if you don’t need them.

Please follow the laundry conditions: no ironing or careful steam ironing (100°C max), washable under 30°C, but to keep its shape longer we recommend using dry cleaning.
The product produced under the world’s quality standards and the modern consumer requirements — these are, above all, practicality and comfort to wear.
Models’ development and technologies — TM Finch ©. Limited collection.
Produced in Ukraine.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 35 cm

one size, ✂