Phone case with Marianne Hollenstein artwork


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Before making an order please contact us to make sure your phone model is available!

Black or transparent phone case with Marianne Hollenstein art.
Choose from 4 options: black case with black print, black case with white print and transparent with black or white print.
The calligraphic artwork of the Swiss artist and stage designer Marianna Hollenstein, that we put on a FINCH phone cases, is a part of the project “Letters in Between” and our joint capsule series. The painting was inspired by the letters of Hannah Arendt. Graphic hieroglyphs, akin unreadable old letters, carry something unrevivable, that has no context after years of prescription. They can only be interpreted, but the most important is captured between the lines.

Below there’s a list of the most popular phone models that we produce cases for. But if your phone model is not on the list, still there’s a chance that the case for you can be made. Just contact us and ask.

Flagship models


iPhone 12
iPhone 12 pro
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 pro
iPhone 11 pro max

iPhone 6/6s
iPhone 7/8
iPhone 7+/8+
iPhone X/Xs
iPhone Xs max
iPhone XR


Samsung S9
Samsung S9 Plus
Samsung Note 9
Samsung S10
Samsung S10 e
Samsung S10 Plus
Samsung Note 10
Samsung Note 10 Plus
Samsung s20
Samsung S20 Plus
Samsung S20 ultra
Samsung m30 s
Samsung A30’s
Samsung M30 /M20 /m10
Samsung A10/A20/A30/A50
Samsung J600
Samsung J4
Samsung J6 Plus
Samsung A8
Samsung A8 Plus
Samsung A7 2018
Samsung A9 2019


Huawei p 20
Huawei p 20 pro
Huawei p 20 lite
Huawei p 30
Huawei p 30 pro
Huawei p 30 lite
Huawei P smart
Huawei P smart Plus
Huawei P smart 2019
Huawei P smart Z
Huawei Honor 8X
Huawei Honor 20 Pro
Huawei p40
Huawei p40 pro
Huawei p40 lite


Google pixel 3
Google pixel 3a
Google pixel 3XL


Xiaomi Redmi 7
Xiaomi Note 7/7pro
Xiaomi Mi 8
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9SE
Xiaomi Mi 9 lite
Xiaomi Mi 9t/pro
Xiaomi Note 8
Xiaomi Note 8t
Xiaomi Note 8 pro


Meizu M6 Note
Meizu 16/16th
Meizu 16t
Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7 Plus

One plus

One plus 5t
One plus 6
One plus 6t

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 2 cm
Choose case type

Black + white print, Black + black print, Transparent + black print, Transparent + white print