RENTAL: long black satin dress with smoky sleeves

$28 / day

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FINCH designer clothing for rent: only 10% from the item’s price!

Smoke-sleeve dress of black dense satin and organza.
Base: 100% cotton, sleeves: 100% polyester.
This is our iconic look from FINCH Spring/Summer 2020 collection was marked as the best option for the black tie dress code events by ELLE, L’Officiel and Vogue magazines. This fitted dress of dense glossy cotton is rather classic, but as it features organza large pleated sleeves with Marianne Hollenstein artwork – it becomes extraordinary.
According to the conception, the printed sleeves are the metaphor of mystical colorful fog that merges to our digital personalities.

PARAMETERS to suit you
Chest 75 – 90cm
Waist 60 – 75cm
Hips 80 – 95cm
Height 160 – 190cm



    The smallest rental period is 2 days or 48 hours starting from the moment you get the item. Should you need more days, please feel free to choose appropriate quantity in the variator when making your order: 1 = 2 days, 2 = 4 days, 3 = 6 days, etc.
    The rental fee is 10% from the total item’s price and is charged before you get the item along with the warranty fee, wich is 50% from the full item price.
    No warranty fee for the regular customers!
    The warranty fee is in cash only, we will return it when you come back with the item. In case of damage we will use your warranty fee to cover our recover expences, if the item is lost or irreparably corrupted the warranty won’t be returned.
    The dry cleaning is not included in the price and is being billed separately after you return the item. Usually it varies from 17$ to 50$ per item depending on the fabric, clothing type and contamination degree.
    Clothing can be booked for rent only in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    The rental service for the clients in the USA, Europe and Asia is not provided so far.