Adjustable reusable face mask: version №1 of softer material


Adjustable face mask by FINCH.
Version №1 made of softer material.
Minimalistic, soft 3 layers mask with clean design.

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By purchasing FINCH during the coronavirus quarantine period, you give us the opportunity to continue our work and innovations.
We take precautions from COVID-19 virus during goods storage and work in medical gloves by sending your orders.

Adjustable face mask by FINCH.
Version №1 made of softer material.
Minimalistic, soft 3 layers mask with clean design.

What is the difference between this mask and version №2?
It is 20% thicker, but also noticeably softer, more suitable for people with sensitive skin. The layers of the mask №1 have a less dense structure and a little bigger air throughput. At the same time, it does not hold its shape so intensely, so №2 is more suitable for make-up, as its walls do not touch an even larger area of the face under the mask. The form and other characteristics are identical.

FINCH mask is not medical, and it won’t give you 100% guarantee of COVID-19 or other virus protection, but it has significant advantage over conventional fabric mask and showed good results in tests for filtration and comfort (including long-term wearing). The mask has a breathable porous base and two fabric layers (cotton lining and polyester top). Before making series we tested masks wihtin more than one month, and used them during smoke pollution.

The test result is as follows: burning smell feels much less in the mask (it filters out weak smells completely), it also filters the smell of exhaust gases and air fresheners, pollen and particles that cause allergy symptoms. Moreover, the mask is very easy to breathe in.

Its shape is made in such a way as to minimize contact with the nose (nostrils) and lips when wearing, that is, it does not soar the face and does not press on ears, you can wear a lipstick. It looks like a muzzle, although the form was created solely for reasons of ergonomics. Long, adjustable mask ties made of soft elastic viscose, easily change the distance to the ears. You can remove the mask from the ears if it is not needed, while leaving it on the neck.

FINCH team refused to place the logo, prints and tags on this mask to avoid squeezing fabric layers when sewing and reduction of practical properties: so it’s very comfortable, adjustable and it works, it promotes nothing except of security and personal care.

We have developed two basic sizes: conditionally children’s (suitable for women with a small face) and conditionally adult (suitable for bigger faces and men). Small size is 13,5cm high, and lagre is 16,5cm.
FINCH mask can be washed frequently.

NOTE: The number of masks is limited without the possibility of re-stock.

Best washing conditions: delicate machine wash up to 60°C, you may use careful steam ironing (no pressure); no bleach.
Models’ development and technologies – TM Finch ©.
Produced in Ukraine.

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