AR hoodie FFFACE x FINCH x Denis Rossiev

80% cotton, 20%.
FFFACE x FINCH limited capsule.
First ever AR (semi-digital) clothing with 3D animation designed for content creation.

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FFFACE x FINCH limited capsule with 7 world-renowned artists.
Art “Mirai” by Denis Rossiev.
First ever semi-digital clothing with 3D animation designed for content creation.

FINCH, in collaboration with FFFACE, provides you with the possibility to customize your digital look. The garment looks like an ordinary t-shirt with the text print and graphic patch, and is perfect for active lifestyle.

Once you activate it, you’ll see the dynamic 3D animation based on the art and merged to the print in your smartphone in real time. The elements will be flying over your head and body inside your camera (Instagram Stories). Effects for clothes and body are available only in the external camera, where you can add a mask for your face, and separate mask effect is in the selfie camera. All you need is your Instagram account.

The GIF video was shot on the phone, this is a real display of the augmented reality effects.

1. Scan the qr-code printed on the garment to open its instagram effect
2. Point your camera at the graphic print on the garment
3. Create insta stories & tag and @finch_wear to get featured in our stories.

Please note: the effects for Instagram Stories are available on smartphones from 2018 and later: 2019, 2020, 2021 years of release.
Fabric: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

Artist note.
“Made in the form of a multi-layer spatial portal, “Mirai” becomes a performance, a point of contact and interpenetration of the material world and digital metauniverses: AR, NFT, Blockchain, existing in each of them simultaneously and interconnected.

The key object is a person — as a creator and observer, he/she experimentally interacts with the portal using the physical body and his/her digital projections, being the bearer of the ideas of conjugation and the portal in the literal sense: in the material world, the work exists in the format of a limited collection of clothes with print.

The AR layer is represented as a digital kinetic sculpture that is continuously generated in real time using mathematical algorithms.

Sculpture is fickle — its appearance differs markedly depending on the time of day, and also develops over a long time, reflecting the main properties of the digital universes: variability and unpredictability.” — Denis Rossiev.

AR clothing is all about sustainability.
You can get lots of attention with one piece of clothing and then digitally renew it: garments from FFFACE x FINCH limited capsule will have 1 type of realistic animations, but will have more over time.

Loose fit:
XS fits S as well (body height 150-175 sm)
S fits M (body height 160-180 sm)
M is good for L also (160-185 sm)
L may fit XL (170-190 sm).
Please note: the length of the sleeve depends on your shoulder proportion and body height.
On the photo: Maryna, the model is 177 sm, the hoodie is M, but S could fit her too.

If you’re hesitating with the hoodie size please drop us a notice or specify your body measurements in the note field at checkout and we will be happy to help you making a choice.

Please follow the washing conditions, indicated on the label in the side seam to save the color: machine or hand wash up to 30°C; do not soak, do not use drying machine. The material perfectly carries the laundry.
Ironing with medium temperature from the inside, steam ironing.
Oversize hoodie models development and technologies – TM Finch ©.
Produced in Ukraine.

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 2 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL