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We open a pre-order option of our most complex and upcoming items.
This helps us optimise our stock in the period of global quarantine and avoid overproduction.
Sewing usually takes from 10 to 14 days, but during war it’s better having extra time for the production due to the peculiarities of work under the air alarm sirens.
The order will be delivered to the Ukrainian customers within 2 days after the release of the product, and up to 3 weeks to any other country of the world, except for Russia and Belarus.
Some items can be produced exactly in your size, others have size grid. If you need the item to be produced using your measurements, please, specify your height and body measurements in the note field at checkout.
Please note: the number of items for pre-order is limited!
The items have real photos or carefully compilated preview. But the quality of garments that stands behind these images will be real and touchable.