FAMILY KIT: 4 reusable masks + sanitizer and hydrogel as a gift

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4 adjustable face masks by FINCH with a discount
+ desinfection and moisturizing SANITY kit as a gift.

Two types of mask material: №1 and №2 to choose from.

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By purchasing FINCH during the coronavirus quarantine period, you give us the opportunity to continue our work and innovations.
We take precautions from COVID-19 virus during goods storage and work in medical gloves by sending your orders.

4 adjustable face masks by FINCH with a discount
+ desinfection and moisturizing SANITY kit as a gift.

Two types of mask material: №1 and №2 to choose from.
Two basic sizes: conditionally children’s  S (suitable for women of medium and short stature) and conditionally adult L (suitable for taller women and men). Small size is 13,5cm high, and lagre is 16,5cm.

Choose the size of masks and the type in the options to make an order.

What is the difference between the material version №1 and №2?
Visually there is no difference, both are lipstick-friendly and easy to breathe, both have 3 layers. But №1 mask is 3mm thick and very soft, while №2 is 2,5 mm thick and more dense. Therefore №2 face contact is even less than №1 and it keeps its shape better, even after repeated intensive washing. Because of this, the nose of the mask №2 sits more convexly on the face and only touches the bridge of the nose is wearing properly. The layers of mask №2 have a denser structure and a yet slightly smaller filtering ability.
FINCH mask of №2 mask is better for wearing with makeup. The shape, size and other characteristics are identical.

This family kit includes:

1. Four FINCH masks of any size.

FINCH masks are not medical, and they won’t give you 100% guarantee of COVID-19 or other virus protection, but they have significant advantage over conventional fabric mask and showed good results in tests for filtration and comfort (including long-term wearing). Any mask version has a breathable porous base and two fabric layers (cotton lining and polyester top).

The shape is made in such a way as to minimize contact with the nose (nostrils) and lips when wearing, that is, it does not soar the face and does not press on ears, you can wear a lipstick. It looks like a muzzle, although the form was created solely for reasons of ergonomics. Long, adjustable mask ties made of soft elastic viscose, easily change the distance to the ears. You can remove the mask from the ears if it is not needed, while leaving it on the neck.

The masks have no logos or brand tags to avoid any commercial manipulation.
Can be washed frequently.

2. One SANITY 2 step desinfection kit: includes sanitizer and moisturizing gel.

Step 1 is a 50ml sanitizer with 65% of alcohol, made in Ukraine.
Reliably disinfects the skin and kills dangerous bacteria and viruses, but unlike many other sanitizers it has gentle white tea and peach aroma.

Frequent use of disinfectants kills bacteria and viruses, but damages the protective properties of the upper layer of the epithelium and causes discomfort. Step 2 30ml hydrogel moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, restoresits natural barrier properties and preserves the skin microbiome. It features rose water, vitamin complex and D-panthenol moisturize and has a light texture without feeling of stickiness.
The bottles are compact, so you could wear it in the pocket.

NOTE: The number of family kits is limited.

*SANITY 2 step kit separately costs 230, or 9$, but it is included as 1₴ (3¢) in the FINCH family kit’s price.

Mask washing conditions: delicate machine wash up to 60°C, you may use careful steam ironing (no pressure); no bleach.
Models’ development and technologies – TM Finch ©.
Produced in Ukraine.

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