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FINCH gift card, value 1000 hryvnias.
The card adds magic to your warmest greetings and shows your care. Now your friends and loved ones will be able to choose anything they’ve always wanted from FINCH, and get a one time 36$ discount for their orders, which is equivalent to 1000 Ukrainian hryvnias. It applies to all other discounts and seasonal offers, for any goods in stock, but does not apply to pre-orders and rental services.

The card wrapped with the Ukrainian instruction and has a secret code (in case you need English instruction instead, please let us know in the notes field at checkout).
It is securely sealed in an envelope with a FINCH stamp.
It can be used on this website or in our Kyiv showroom till March 2021.

Please read carefully:
The owner should keep the card number in secret until it is used.
Use the card to choose any number of FINCH products, the total value of which in hryvnias (UAH) corresponds to the nominal value indicated on it. If the value of the selected products exceeds the equivalent of the card, you will need to pay the difference by credit card or cash.
Shop online or in FINCH showroom.
The card can be used only once. It covers ready-to-wear goods in the stock, but not the individual tailoring and pre-orders.
The values ​​of several cards can be summed up.
There’s no way to transfer the remaining amount to the following purchases or return the ‘balance’ in money equivalent.

How to use the Gift Card

To activate the card when shopping online:
1. Please set the currency for the product or the entire website to the UAH (hryvnias) using the navigation menu or the appropriate buttons in the product description.
2. Enter the 10-character code from your card in the coupon code field. After clicking “Apply Coupon”, the order amount will be reduced by the value of your card.
3. If you have one or few more cards and want to sum up the values, repeat the previous steps for each of them.
4. Complete the order procedure and wait for our confirmation letter and/or the call.
The expired card can not be returned or exchanged for a money equivalent.

To use the card in our showroom:
Just show it to the sales specialist from the FINCH before choosing your dream clothes. The cashier will count the discount and pick up the card after use.
Here is the address: Kyiv, 20 Velyka Zhytomyrska str.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

TM Finch © Produced in Ukraine.

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